Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 1 - The Vision

It's not often that I do something extreme and planned. It's even less often that I do those two things and drag someone else along with me. But a week ago I overheard a friend talking about a two week dietary fast and instantly my ears perked up.

With only four weeks of school left my mind is spinning with everything that needs to get done, preparation for the summer, thoughts of the future, and general life - seems like the worst time to do this, right? Normally I would agree. But this last week I heard a message in which the speaker said "Life only gets harder". If that's the case then I should do the most I can now before life gets really out of control, right?

So today my room mate Joe and I have begun our self-inflicted crucible of mental, physical, and spiritual torture. No food for two weeks. Every morning for fourteen days we will drink one quart of salt water to induce a "salt-water flush". We like to call it a colon blow. Throughout the day as we feel the pangs of hunger we will only drink water with lemon juice and maple syrup mixed in thoroughly. No food. Only saltwater and homemade lemonade.

Let it begin.

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