Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 6 - Where has the time gone?

Sorry about the lack of posting, especially because this blog was supposed to be a daily blog just for this event. well. too bad.

Friday morning marks the beginning of Day 6 and as of right now, when I post this, it has been 135 hours since I last ate. Here's the updates on every thing:

- Salt Water Flush: It's not my favorite part of the day, I'm not going to try and paint a pretty picture of what happens with this. I'm sure your imaginations can fill in the details. But, and I'll try to say this as nicely as possible, I'm not sure what it's doing for me anymore - I haven't passed any solids for five days! But the regimen says I have to do it every day so, do it I shall.

- Lemonade: I still like it! Who would've thought that after five days of only drinking lemonade and water I'd still like them both but I do. I finished my first bottle of syrup the other day and am quite proud knowing what the empty bottles of lemon juice and syrup represent - discipline, mental fortitude, and sugary goodness :) On a side note about the lemonade: it does terrible, irreversible damage to laptops. My roommate accidentally spilled a half a nalgene of it on my mac and I'm now writing this post from the library. Well. C'est la vie.

- Sleep: Day 2, 3, and 4 I definitely slept a little extra, getting a little nap in the mid-day. But overall I sleep well at night, I'm definitely tired by the time the day is over though. Not putting any real sustenance in your body does take it's toll on energy levels.

- Energy: I went for a run yesterday, played softball, and did my mini-workout in the dorm last night (pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups) and don't feel any more sore than usual today. I was surprised that I was able to do all of them with normal vitality and ease. But then again, it's only day 6...

and finally,

- Weight: This has been the most popular question as of late. A friend told me last night that he could see my ribs through my t-shirt while I was playing ball last night and so I'm planning to weigh myself on Monday to check in on the loss thus far. When I took my shirt off all of the guys said they could definitely tell I'd lost weight. This is all very surprising to me because I didn't really have much fat to begin with, but apparently what I had is disappearing fast.

Final comments? Over an over again I smell food everywhere and it smells fantastic. I stopped going to the SDR (Student Dining Room) with my friends and that helps. But I'd say that overall I don't have any pressing temptation to run out and get chinese or anything. But the desire for food is there and the struggle has given my plenty of opportunity to reflect, think, pray, read my Bible, and journal more seriously.

It really seems to be true that although this is very extreme, I have had to discipline my body in order to begin disciplining my mind.


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