Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 10

The website that gave me all the "insider info" about this fast/diet/cleansing was a joke. The person claimed that by day eight people were saying that she had a "glow" about her. My day eight was the exact opposite. Exhaustion, soreness, and angry stomach.

It doesn't help that on Saturday (Day 7) I played a brutal hour and a half game of Ultimate Frisbee followed by a six hour work shift. Regardless, week one was child's play compared to week two.

As of this very moment it has been two-hundred and forty-six hours since my last meal and besides sleeping more than usual I'm doing well. I didn't get to a scale today or yesterday, but as of Saturday afternoon I have lost 10.5 pounds and continuing to lose weight daily. Lately there has been speculation by my room mate that after I start eating again I will gain it all back, but I'm not so skeptical.

If I can discipline myself to not eat for two weeks, I can discipline myself to eat responsibly.

The mental and physical fortitude that this is forging within me has inspired me to not be lazy about my food choices, my portion sizes, and my caloric intake. I can control my diet. Not in some nuts-and-lentils-only diet way, but a healthy, eating right, taking care of your heart way.

Also, if I can discipline myself to not eat for two weeks I can discipline myself to do anything. The skies the limit baby.

So. My apologies for the lack of blogging, but that is mostly due to the lack of a computer. Late last week my comp was accidentally destroyed at the hands of another and I am now blogging via my room mate (Joe's) comp. Yes, the same Joe who backed out on day one for brownies and ramen. But please, don't castigate him, I don't.

Cleaner, Stronger, and Lighter,

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